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21st November 2013 - Version 1.031 Released

Minor release. New option in the licensed version to force a password entry before changing Notebooks.

12th January 2012 - Version 1.027 Released

Minor release that changes how AtoZ Notebook is set up for first time users. Also includes a change to the Make Selected Header (Ctrl+M) option to allow new header items to be inserted anywhere on a Notebook page.

12th October 2011 - Version 1.024 Released

Corrections to display issues on Windows 7 PCs running Large Fonts.

07 October 2011 - Version 1.022 Released

Changes / improvements in this version inlcude:

  • Basic printing has been added for individual letters and Notebooks
  • Export / Save as options have been merged into a single, simple dialog
  • Menus have been rearranged
  • Bug fix that affected copying and pasting unicode (Russian, Greek, etc.) characters into a Notebook.

20 September 2011 - Version 1.011 Released

A 45 day trial version is now available. This contains all of the functionality of the licensed version.

At the end of the trial period, AtoZ reverts back to the single Notebook free version.

11 September 2011 - Version 1.006 Released

Minor bug fix relating to regional settings on some PCs.

18 August 2011 - Version 1.004 Released

A second shortcut key combination was added to open the Hash page (Ctrl+Shift+3). This is to allow for different keyboard layouts with the # symbol appearing on different keys. This release also includes a correction to the documentation. Shortcut keys for jumping between pages are Ctrl+Shift+A, B, C, etc. and NOT Ctrl+A, B, C, etc.

11 August 2011 - Version 1.002 Released

This marks the first full release version that was available for purchase. All prior versions had been single Notebook free versions, and were beta releases. Improvements and changes to this version:

  • Support for multiple Notebooks was added
  • Manage Notebooks section along with a Notebook Navigation area
  • Changes to the menu layout
  • Changes to Export Current Notebook to allow export to a single RTF file
  • Free version with one Notebook and licensed version with multiple Notebooks available

13 June 2011 - Version 0.131 Released

Search facility was added to allow for searching across an entire Notebook. Free version only available.

24 May 2011 - Version 0.122 Released

First beta version of AtoZ. Free version only available.